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Stir fried salmon

How to make EASY and DELICIOUS  Thai Food : Stir Fried Salmon


2 slices of Salmon – Cut them into blocks

1/2 pack of Shimeji Mushroom

Salt and peppers

For sauce

2 table spoons of Tastenirvana Gramma’s Sweet Chili Sauce

1 table spoon of Mayonnaise

1 table spoon of Cooking sake or While Wine

some minced garlic.


1) Prep 1 : the fish

  1. Place the salmon on the cutting board or a dish. Sprinkles salt and pepper on the both side of the fish.

2) Prep 2 : Make the sauce

  1. Bring a small bowl
  2. Add Tastenirvana Gramma’s Sweet Chili Sauce
  3. Add Mayonnaise
  4. Add Garlic
  5. Add Sake or White Wine
  6. Mix the ingredient to complete the sauce


3) Cook : Stir Fry the salmon

  1. Bring a medium pan to medium heat.
  2. Put the oil into the pan.
  3. Place salmons skin facing down
  4. check the skin to see if they are cooked. Salmon comes white pink.
  5. Flip them and cook them till they become white pink.
  6. Add Shimeji Mashrooms on the side of the pan. Do not mix mushrooms with salmons yet.
  7. Add the sauce into the pan
  8. Cook everything together to finish.

CONGRATULATIONS! You just made Salmon with Sweet Chili Sauce! eat with a bowl of rice and enjoy!

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