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Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry with Jasmine Rice

If you like Thai food and go to Thai restaurant, you mush have ordered Thai Green Curry before. You might be wondering what’s in it. Here is the secret of How to make Thai Green Curry! Watch the video and make one for yourself today!


Pantai Jasmine Rice  – 1 cup
Pantai Green curry paste  – 2 table spoons
Tastenirvana Coconut Milk  – 1/2 can
Tastenirvana PREMIUM Fish sauce   – 2 table spoons

Eggplant  ½ (shop into small pieces and soak into the water)
Sliced bamboo shoots – ½ can
Bell Peppers (optional)

Cooking Oil  – 1 Table spoon
Thai basil leaves  – 25 grams(about one cup)
Kaffir Lime leaves (2~3 leaves)
Chili  – 2-3 pieces
Meat  – 100 grams (your choice of chicken, beef, fish or shrimp)

1) Prep

First, shake the can of Tastnirvana Coconut Milk.

Next, Open the can with a can opener. Please be careful and don’t cut yourself.

Measure the coconut milk about ½ a can. It doesn’t have to be exact but you can use measuring cup if you’d like

If you are using a canned Bamboo shoot, open it and slice them into thin pieces.

Cut the eggplant into the same size as meat, soak them into water and leave it until you start cooking.

2 ) Start Cooking

Take a large pot. Bring it to a medium heat.

Add cooking oil

Add the small amount of Tastenirvana Coconut Milk into the pot.

Add Pantai Green Curry Paste. And stir it to mix them together until it brings its aroma.

Add meat and the coconut milk.

Add water the same amount as the coconut milk.

Then start adding vegetables

Add chopped eggplants

Add Bamboo Shoot

Add Bell Pepper

Tear Kaffir Lime Leaves and add them

Add Tastenirvana Premium Fish Sauce.

Add Chilli (Add more or less to change its spiciness for your preference.)

Add Basil Leaves.

Simmer the curry and stir it for about 30 seconds

Serve in a bowl.

CONGRATULATIONS! You just made Thai Green Curry with Jasmine Rice!

Make this dish and take a picture of it with you. Share on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Just use #tastenirvana,(if you don’t use this hashtag(#), we can’t track you for a winner )


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